Control your future. Own your education.

Learning Outpost is a new type of educational service opening in September 2014 in Newburyport, letting exceptional students in grades 6-12 find joy in their education through personalized instruction and self-directed learning. With our guidance and the support of their families, students will advance in subjects about which they are passionate, explore in depth areas of interest or tailor their schedule to accommodate personal timetables, such as athletics or work.

  • Design your own curriculum, with experienced educators, to meet your goals: college, business, sports
  • Pursue your creative interests to your heart’s content
  • Establish relationships with professionals in the community
  • Develop confidence and patience through exercise
  • Use our Resource Center to create an independent education plan at any age

Watch David Perkins, Professor, Harvard Graduate School: What’s Worth Learning?

Watch TED-Ed talk: Salman Khan, founder Khan Academy

Watch Aaron Sams: Flipped Learning

Now taking a limited number of applications.