Pam, Paige and Rachel

Pam Ameen holds a B.A. in Math and Art, and a Master of Architecture degree. She has also been an avid seamstress and craftsperson since she was old enough to use a pair of scissors. For many years, Pam operated a custom sewing business but as her children began early school, she became more involved in their education. In 2003, Pam decided to start home educating her children and has run the gauntlet of teaching grades one through conquering the complete college application process.  She believes that many students can thrive working independently, especially with help finding the right curriculum.
Beth's PictureBeth Randall has been teaching theater and communication skills to students at Theater in the Open in Newburyport since 2005. She attended The Waring School in Beverly and Occidental College in Los Angeles where she studied English and music. A lifelong bibliophile with extensive experience writing for the stage, Beth has been fascinated with language since childhood. She became interested in education after realizing that the guidance she was giving younger actors while creating a show fosters the skills needed to succeed in the classroom. Building confidence, a willingness to engage with difficult material and forging an ongoing relationship with your instincts are some of the lessons from the stage Beth hopes to bring to the students at Learning Outpost.
Nathalie LoignoNathalie Loignon is a native French speaker born in Montreal, Canada. She holds a doctorate degree in dental medicine from the Université de Montréal and has been a resident of Newburyport since 2000. Along with her husband and two daughters, Nathalie  only speaks and writes in French at home. She has always been passionate about singing and performing theater in her native tongue and is currently involved with Theater in the Open, as well as Gregoire Chabot’s monologues and plays. She is on a mission to serve as an ambassador for the language in New England. Her involvement at Learning Outpost includes an experimental French theater project and intensive conversational work with students. She is a strong believer in thinking outside the box and the importance of  bringing a fun yet supportive environment to children’s education.