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Time to fetch the chicks!

DSC_0742DSC_0730The Spanish students have been working with Dan Wellehan to build a chicken coop while only speaking in Spanish. Looks like next Friday will be the day to pick up the newly hatched chicks that will be moving in later in April.

The improvement in the students’ Spanish is truly amazing. They all have gained confidence in their speaking and have also picked up some added proficiency in using woodworking tools.DSC_0741 DSC_0744 DSC_0746

Learning Outpost is in the stock market now with Brandt Wealth Advisors

We spent three months working with Brandt Wealth Advisors in Newburyport learning about the stock market using the Wall Street Survivor program. Everyone was given a virtual $100,000 to work with and we progressed from simple stock share buying, to shorting stocks and Exchange Traded Funds.DSC_0755

Early in our process, the students saw the movie, “The Big Short.” This led to a level of disenchantment with the market, and investors considering a turn to more socially conscious choices. Bob Brandt and Mike Houghton walked us through a great exercise of examining our personal values and how that relates to an investment strategy. Portfolios switched from gas ETFs, pharmaceuticals and big tech to solar power, Disney, exercise/outdoor companies and Whole Foods.

We also saw the danger of paying broker fees and the difference between day trading and riding the waves in for the longer term. Patience!

DSC_0756In our final session, we had a fascinating look at what the tax ramifications of profits and losses are, for instance what tax rates apply to long term capital gains versus income earned. The information on how exactly our federal tax dollar is broken down was very illuminating. We thought we’d like to hear the presidential candidates speak to this table in particular: How is your tax dollar used?


DSC_0758Fortunately all this risky financial work was accompanied by a steady stream of delicious cookies. They sure weren’t virtual. Thanks so much to Bob and Mike at Brandt Wealth Advisors.