Frequently Asked Questions

What is the weekly schedule at Learning Outpost?


Tutors are available at Learning Outpost on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, from 10:00 a.m to 4:00 p.m. We may arrange an occasional field trip.

What is a typical day like at Learning Outpost?

There is no typical day at Learning Outpost! Students may arrive for  specific tutoring sessions or classes and stay for the day. Other students may decide to come and go as they are involved in outside activities, working at home or at the library. Generally, students at Learning Outpost are expected to be quiet so they can focus on their own task list. Individual tutoring sessions, work with language specialists and schedule check-ins may happen. Some days may see group discussions such as current events and read aloud.

How do I know which curriculum to choose for each subject?

Student, parents and Learning Outpost will discuss the student’s goals for the year: types of curricula, strengths and interests, college plans, previous work completed, etc. Families are presented with a course catalog of choices, although it is always wonderful to have students involved in designing their own courses. Together we formulate a plan for the year which is reflected in the Core Curriculum Contract. Of course, changes can be made throughout the year if desired.

Do I have to take standardized tests, like MCAS or PARCC?

Home School students do not take MCAS or PARCC tests. Students may be required to take a standardized test such as the Iowa Test of Basic Skills as one possible way of meeting school department requirements. Learning Outpost can take a standardized test at Learning Outpost or we can help families arrange to do standardized testing at home.

What if I want a more flexible schedule? I’d like to take a class at the community college.

The advantage of being a home schooled student and independent learner is having complete control over your schedule and time.

How do I learn to work independently?

The process starts by helping students set up detailed schedules and daily task lists, develop techniques to master material and study habits, and understand what methods work well for them. We can offer outside coaching for students who need help improving focus skills. A key component to students’ success is support from parents. We offer a seminar at the beginning of the year so parents will understand their role. It is always very rewarding to see the students advance to taking full responsibility for their work as the year progresses.

How will I keep on track with my assignments? How will I track my progress?

Learning Outpost can create a scope and sequence schedule for each subject, with general expected dates of completion. Many students may choose to use a planner outlining daily and weekly work.

Additionally, subjects will have specific grading parameters decided in the Core Curriculum Contract, such as homework 40%, quizzes 30% and labs 30%. Students can, of course, decide to have their courses be graded pass/fail. . Grades on work handed in is entered into a database for use creating transcripts or periodic grade reports.

What if I need help in a particular subject?

Tutors are available to help students with any questions, problem solving, and recommendations for further study, etc., in every subject.

What if I want to change the way I am studying a subject?

We want every student at Learning Outpost to be successful. Change is welcome, especially if it brings a better understanding of how a student learns or likes to work.

What about applying to college?

Learning Outpost offers a seminar for families of those students getting ready to apply to college. Preparing transcripts, planning standardized testing such as SATs, meeting requirements and dealing with the Common Application are some of the topics covered.

Colleges look favorably on students coming from alternative educational backgrounds, especially those who take advantage of the opportunity to study a subject in more depth, or pursue a particular passion. Many colleges have an admissions officer dedicated to students coming from unusual backgrounds, which gives the Learning Outpost student the advantage of being separated from the pack. Our graduating students have had very high acceptance rates and been offered merit scholarships.

Do you still have to pass the GED or HISET exam?

We have not yet encountered a college that insisted on a GED and in fact our graduating students have been offered exceptional academic scholarships. Typically, we will help you present the colleges with traditional transcripts and SAT/ACT scores.