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For the Birds!

Today, we read some favorite poems and realized we had a bird theme going for the day. I asked the students to write a bird poem in five minutes and we liked the results:

a rotting wood sign
i see it through my window
he Bellows out
I see him through my window
a snake Recoils, ready
i see him through my window
Do garbage people wake up very early
i see through your window
why haven’t you done your dishes?
–Cade Giordano

Cocked quick movements,
Swift like sunlight
Flashing through ragged leaves in winter.

Feet, clawed,
tiny, strong,
perch, grasp,

A small body made large by
Spread wings, impossible to
Follow with the eye.
Just, in a corner,
a rustle of movement,
like following the flickering light of a firefly.

A few Feet away, a glimpse into its eye.
–Clara Brandt

wings flutter like a Beating heart
filling the planet’s Internal skies
creating their own woRk of art
their night flight reflected in Dusky eyes
–Beth McDougall