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Friday Blog

After our Shakespearean vocabulary quiz this morning, we returned to last week’s storytelling and vocabulary in-class exercise. ┬áHere’s one we liked a lot:

The cloud of dandelions perched lightly on the edge of the hill, the, at a strong gust, rose up and was disseminated through the town. The people in the town, especially the children, looked up in awe as the soft white fluff rained down upon them. One child, who had just been informed of magic and could not be convinced it was fake, took this as the final proof needed for magic to exist. In the park, a group of teenagers were playing soccer when they encountered the dandelion fluff. One boy stopped, looked up and kicked his shoes from his feet. He grabbed his friend’s hand and twirled him around. All of their friends laughed and, in turn, took off their own shoes and joined the impromptu festivities. In this way, dancing barefoot became quotidian.