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Friday Blog

20170505_103128Today’s exercise was to write for three minutes on the question: How did this turtle knickknack get on this windowsill? Here are our responses…

*They had left a window open. One open window, on one house, on this one street. The same street that I happen to be on. It was Fate! I wondered what the people would be like. Will they notice me? I hope they will. Beneath the window is a flowerpot. I can reach the flowerpot. I can reach the window. Looking into the open gap of the window, I met the eyes of a little girl with dark hair and pretty eyes that sparkled like my back. She smiled. I smiled too. She noticed me. I’m going to be so happy here.

*Pamela had always loved sparkles. Ever since she was a child, she’d been obsessed with them. So, when Rachel saw the sparkly glass turtle in the shop window, she knew it would be the perfect present. There were other glass creatures, but turtles were Rachel’s favorite. The small creature seemed to wink at her, saying, “Look at me! Take me home and put me on a desk!” So, with a rush of delight, Rachel did just that.

*With a sickening shatter, the turtle with coppery sparkles was slammed through Rachel’s bedroom window. It was so loud that Lucky (the only one in the house) could hear it, despite being deaf. He bounded up the stairs only to see a figure through the shattered glass on the street below. It was…

*He was once alive and could walk upon the skin of the earth. Back in the time of magic, before science and rationality had shone their light into all the dark corners of the world. In the time before, there were no rules preventing a transparent turtle filled with glittering copper chips from existing, from living. So, he could walk and feel the sun. Now, after the advent of the new world, he remained motionless on the windowsill he had come to rest upon when the laws of physics suddenly became immutable.