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Friday Blog

As we do every week, we started today with a free association writing exercise. We’ve been reading about narrator point of view for homework and today the two merged:

The brain. Da mask. Damask. Shakespeare. Now to write using different points of view as the narrator. She continued writing, her pencil moving across the page as the words appeared. (Omniscient narrator.) She felt happy because she found writing from different perspectives interesting. (Not omniscient, intrusive narrator.) Beth was also writing and Cade. They all wrote together. (Limited narrator to a small group.) Although they didn’t know it, everyone else in the world was, at that moment, also writing. (Not limited.) So, my pencil keeps on going like it’s repeating the same words but from different points of view. (First person.) Perhaps you are wondering how much longer I can write about the fact that I am writing. (Second person.) Well, the answer is I can’t because I can’t remember any more points of view except free association and epistolary. This is not a letter, and I already did free association in the beginning. Bye.