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Friday Blog

As we enter the final quarter of the year, we’ve been focusing on reviewing this year’s vocabulary list. So, for a fun Friday morning exercise, we write one sentence featuring a vocabulary word at the top of a sheet of paper,  one on the bottom, then pass the paper and have a second person connect the two sentences.  Here’s one that we liked from this morning:

He gave her a brazen smile and, flexing his muscles, leaped backward off the rock into the lake. She blushed and g;lanced down, both pleased that he would flirt with her and  furious that his arrogant confidence could still induce her cheeks to redden. After they left the lake, his lazy “later, babe” still echoing in her ears, she decided to write down her feelings. Yes, a letter. She would tell him exactly what she thought and he would finally know her, see her. When it came time to find a place to leave the letter for him to find in the rented summer cabin, she became stumped. She found herself staring, trance-like, into the junk drawer. The eclectic jumbling of hairbands, keys, gum wrappers, and coins seemed to contain her personality in a way the letter had not.