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Friday Morning Writing Exercises

This week we decided to evolve one of our favorite in-class writing exercises, Exquisite Corpse, into a group storyteller exercise. Each person writes a sentence. Unlike Exquisite Corpse, all of the sentences are visible while the story is written.

Here are a few of our favorites:

The butterfly landed softly on the tip of her outstretched shoe and she froze so as not to disturb it.
“Hello, old friend,” she whispered.
In a croaky, timid voice, the butterfly responded…
“Um… wrong re-incarnation, I think you have the wrong butterfly.”
“I think you’re right, sorry,” she responded.
She missed her friend. She must if she was seeing them everywhere. “Maybe the next butterfly,” she thought as she watched the current one stretch and flutter in the sun.

Solid objects are good for making sculpture, but liquids and gases aren’t.
Who would have thought?!
This is why I vowed to be the first artist to create a sculpture only out of liquid. I’d show them!
I studied the arcane art of magic intently, seeking a way to control the essential nature of liquid.
After many nights and days on the subway or in between shifts at work, I had read through the entire “Book of Liquid Magic” PDF she had printed from the deep web.
Eventually, I realized that, to quote the PDF, “Water doesn’t work that way.”

The eagle’s sharp talons clicked against each other in anticipation.
Its beak, gently turning either way.
The fish glittered like a ripe cherry in the bottom of the pool.
The fish was so beautiful, so the eagle decided to be friends with it.
It was an unlikely friendship for sure, the predator and the prey, but who was to judge something as pure as true friends.
So, the eagle and the cherry-fish rejected all the haters and opened up a detective agency together, solving all sorts of wildlife related crimes.