Become an Independent Learner

More and more families are choosing to home educate their children.  Students can shape their education to meet goals, following custom schedules and pacing, pursuing special interests or creating a unique resume for college applications. Students can work efficiently, not waiting for classrooms of students or fulfilling unnecessary requirements. Colleges are recognizing that these motivated, unique students thrive in college, already used to taking responsibility for their own work.

Learning Outpost offers guidance to families who want to embrace this exciting experience. We will set up a complete program for a student, from elementary to college-preparatory high school level.  We provide weekly schedules, help submit local school department forms and arrange standardized testing. Older students have the option to come to Learning Outpost for individual tutoring as well as small group classes several days a week. We can also help you navigate the college application process and testing required to apply to top schools.