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Lucky’s Blog- 11/29/16

Welcome back from Thanksgiving, everybody!  Hope you had a good one. So, before vacation…

Prompt: We drew a card from the storytelling deck that said “travel agent was wrong”.

Students were given five minutes and here a two we liked:

She is sad. She does the weird human mouth twist that she does when she is happy, but she is not happy. We are somewhere different. Whe is she sad on vacation? Sure, is not most exciting place I have been, but soon we will go home to the nice smelling place with the happiness. She does the mouth twist again but  this time it is less sad. Maybe she would be happier if this place smelt like me. I rolled around, sending up a shower of fluff and dust. She made a soft noise and laughed, water dripping from her eyes down her face.

I can’t believe Pam agreed to take me to the Squirrel Convention in Squirrel

Town. There is going to be all types of squirrel cooked different ways, I am so

excited. Pam is making me go a travel agent; I guess she doesn’t trust a dog booking

our plane tickets. It was time to pick up our tickets from the travel agency. I enter

the agency and approach the lady at the front desk to receive our tickets. The lady

hands us our tickets. I look down at the tickets and then I realize the tickets are for a

round-trip to Squid Town. “These are tickets are to Squid Town not Squirrel Town!”

I bark at her. The women sheepishly apologizes but all I can think about is how I’m

going to tell Pam! Well, I hope she likes squid!