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Lucky’s Blog-Introduction

Writing, like any artistic endeavor, involves confronting what Julia Cameron describes as “our inner Censor” in her seminal book The Artist’s Way. To begin defusing this Censor, Cameron recommends an exercise called “morning pages”. Essentially, one writes for a set amount of time every morning, without stopping. On Friday mornings at The Learning Outpost, we use this method and some of its variants as part of our writing curriculum. This is how Lucky’s Blog was born.

Lucky, the beloved golden retriever of the house, is a natural subject for morning pages. You see him and when you defeat your inner Censor’s claim that a dog is somehow not acceptable subject matter, you write about him. Since we strive to foster a safe space for each other, you bravely read your words aloud and discover that you’ve created something fun and engaging when your peers respond positively. This is no small thing for a dog to do.

So, we write for three minutes every Friday about Lucky—what his day is like, what he might say to a squirrel, every week we respond to a different prompt.  These are not polished pieces but exercises in freeing our creativity and telling our inner Censor it is not needed today. We’d like to share some of our favorite moments with you.