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Pam’s Musings: The new year and reading about the “digital divide” in the Wall Street Journal

With the advent of the new year, I’d like to start blogging regularly about things I’ve been reading, education, physical fitness and whatever else strikes me as pertinent to life at Learning Outpost. It has been such an inspiration to work with my #selfdirected students and it makes me look at many things with a new eye.

I recently took out a subscription to the Wall Street Journal to support our #wallstreetwarrior project with #BrandtWealthManagement in #Newburyport. The students are investing a virtual $10,000 in the stock market. . . it’s a great opportunity to learn about the financial world. But there are lots of interesting articles in the WSJ on a variety of topics. Came across this article the other day about a #WaldorfSchool in Arizona that is technology free:

Teach Your Children Well: Unhook Them From Technology

The article discusses the “digital divide” and how many lower income families do not realize how harmful the effects of technology can be on their children’s development. This is a subject I feel very strongly about but often feel I am a Luddite fighting against the tide.¬†Throughout my children’s #homeschooling experience, we have used very little technology, especially in the early years. Although the internet was invaluable to me for researching curricula and connecting with other classical homeschoolers, I didn’t see much use for it in our day-to-day studies. I found it fascinating (and not very surprising) that the technology-free Waldorf school could easily discern which students had been ODing on technology at home.

Give it a read if you get a chance!


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